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Jewellery to Wear With Holiday Gowns

As we come closer to the most social time of the year, when the overwhelming number of party invitations come to celebrate Christmas, the way we look and what we wear becomes important. Although this year’s gatherings may not look like previous ones, it’s never wrong to wear festive outfits all day long. And most importantly, there’s one thing that you can be sure of – you simply can’t go wrong wearing a diamond for Christmas. The holidays are the perfect season to indulge and shine, so why not bring a little of that sparkle from the outside in.

No matter if you want to go all out on the sequins and shiny dresses, or stay casual and classy in neutral-toned gowns, there’s always a perfect piece of diamond jewellery to match your outfit. We have collected a handful of our festive favorites and exquisite pieces to suit any holiday gown:

The Vintage Diamond

A vintage diamond is timeless, eternal, and elegant, which makes it perfect to wear to a classic-themed Christmas party. Antique, inherited diamond jewellery is usually embedded with unique details, such as textured milgrain engraving, which enhances the impression of sparkle in your diamonds. The Victorian cut has a classic shape, with a unique top crown and a step-cut bottom pavilion. It is a popular choice for a classic vintage piece, and certainly a perfect companion for your vintage party dress.

A vintage diamond piece will work wonderfully with both a classic little black dress and a lavish silk gown. Add some lavish accessories, such as a diamond tiara, silk shawl, or gold arm bangles to accentuate your look. Whether you’re wearing a Great Gatsby-esque dress or dressing up for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed party, a vintage diamond ring is always an ideal accessory for the classic lady.

Beauty is in The Details

White is a classic colour that will suit any season, and Christmas is no exception. A white dress serves as a blank canvas for a bold, fun, and detailed pieces of designer diamond jewellery. Be adventurous and try different colours of diamonds, metal styles, and ring designs to complement your look. Versatile and elegant, this intricately designed flower ring has white round diamonds to highlight the centrepiece. This compelling and pretty piece is likely to hold anyone's attention.

When you feel like diamond studs are too understated, and pendants clash with your hairstyle, a pair of hoop earrings with extravagant details are the answer. Its circular design adds a retro vibe to your look, perfect to glamorize any dress or gown, especially when you want to wear your hair up or expose your neckline.

An Interesting Pendant

Let’s be honest — we all have holiday clothes in our wardrobe that only see the light of day a few times a year. When the time has come to wear that special dress, why not pair it with an interesting pendant to complete the look? Able to go with any outfit, a pendant is an amazingly versatile piece, and diamond solitaire pendants come in just about any carat weight to fit any budget.

If you’re opting for a sleek, minimal and modern look, a simple diamond drop pendant will suit you. But if you’re feeling nostalgic, wear a locket pendant with a small photo of your loved one inside. Don’t forget to match the pendants with the necklines of your clothes - if you’re wearing a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress, you can never go wrong with a big, unique piece of jewellery wrapped around your neck.

The Statement Pieces

If there’s a perfect opportunity to make a statement, it’s at a party, and what a perfect way to do that with a diamond necklace. Whether you’re going to a Christmas eve soiree or having a few friends over for drinks, you want to look your dazzling best.

Steal everyone’s eyes with a statement diamond necklace. A stunning diamond necklace will work wonderfully with anything, from a simple casual dress, a silk party gown, or even a jumpsuit and heels for the ultimate statement. If you want to stay casual this Christmas, try combining your favorite pair of jeans, a simple white T-shirt, and a chic tweed jacket. Top off your look with dazzling diamond earrings to make a statement, and you’re good to go.

However you choose to dress for your party, there’s no doubt that a statement jewellery will wow your guests.

Whether you are looking to buy some simple diamond studs, or are wanting a big statement jewellery piece to wear these holidays, be sure to get yours from a trusted Singapore jewellery designer to ensure your diamond is consistent to its price tag. Browse the full selection of diamonds at Infiniti Jewels and build your own custom made jewellery singapore today.

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