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How To Clean Diamond Jewellery At Home

Diamond engagement rings do not only represent the security and commitment in a relationship but it is also one of the most precious and valuable possessions for any woman. Just looking down to watch the diamonds’ sparkle, reflecting in the light can boost any woman's confidence and mood. Whilst you can take your diamond jewellery to a professional cleaning service at any time, it is nice to know that you can maintain the sparkle by easily cleaning them yourself as well. One of the advantages of diamond jewellery is the fact that when it is clean and has been looked after, it will look just like it did the day you first bought it.

Here are a few simple ways that you can clean your diamond jewellery at home:

Warm water and dish soap

Diamonds are sensitive to grease, therefore if grease or even cosmetic products, such as lotions, perfume or makeup from your fingers come into contact with the diamond, it may affect their brilliance. To remove the grime off, you can clean the diamond with warm water (almost hot water) and dish soap. The melting point of diamonds is very high, so using warm water will not ruin your precious gem.

Soak your diamond jewellery in warm water for about 10 to 15 minute with a few drops of mild concentrated dish soap. Remove the jewellery from the solution and then use a clean, soft toothbrush to gently brush off any leftover dirt or grease. Although it is true that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, ensure that you are being gentle throughout the cleaning process. Scrubbing diamonds aggressively may affect the polish causing them to become dull. Also, remember to clean at the back of the diamond as this is the area that collects the most grime.

Gentle Dry

Once you have finished with a gentle brush, removing any remaining dirt, place a plug in the sink to prevent the risk of losing the jewellery down the drain and then rinse your diamond jewellery with water and dry with a lint free or micro fiber cloth. A lint free cloth or gem cloth is perfect for removing grease or dirt from jewellery.

Avoid Using Hand Cream

As mentioned above, diamonds can be sensitive to grease or moisturizing products. One of the most common causes for diamonds to become dull is the use of hand cream. Since diamonds need light to sparkle, hand cream creates a layer, preventing light from going through which results in your diamond becoming dull. Therefore, avoid putting hand cream on when wearing your diamond jewellery if possible.

Do Not Use Harmful Chemicals

Although diamonds may seem strong, using harmful solutions is neither beneficial nor a good way to clean your elegant jewellery. Avoid using chlorine bleach, ammonia or household chemical cleansers as chemicals such as chlorine can damage some metals that are used to alloy gold for diamond settings.

Moreover, do not use household products such as toothpaste, baking soda, alcohol, or powder cleaners as they can easily scratch metal, especially gold.

Ultrasonic cleanser

Ultrasonic cleansers are occasionally required in order to clean and produce a sparkling result. They work by sending low frequency vibrations through water, removing all excess dirt within a few minutes. However, this process may cause stones to loosen and fall out in the machine. The safest way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to consult a professional jeweller to check for any loose stones and see if they need a repair or tighten before the cleaning process begins.

Keeping your diamonds clean will maintain its long lasting sparkle as well as enhance the beauty and elegance of your jewellery. Although you can clean them by yourself at home, getting your jewellery professionally cleaned once a year will definitely make a difference. The benefit of getting your diamonds professionally cleaned also means that you can get the settings checked to ensure that the diamonds are perfectly secured.

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