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Diamond Jewellery for Men

While there is a rich and beautiful variety of diamond jewellery for women, hunting for a piece of fine jewellery for gentlemen requires a bit more determination. However, diamond jewellery makes a special gift fit for a king, too, and it will certainly become a unique present that stands out amongst the others.

If you’re looking for high-quality diamond gift ideas for your special guy, then you have come to the right place. Here’s diamond jewellery ideas for men to help you narrow down your options.

Diamond Watches

A luxury watch is not only useful - it is also stylish and stunning, making it the perfect accessory to complete a man’s look. If he often wears formal suits or business wear, and likes to accessorise his outfit, a luxury watch with diamonds will be an appropriate gift.

For formal attire, opt for a smaller face and a genuine leather band for an elegant impression that won’t overwhelm his wrist. Sleek and stylish, yet minimalistic, a classic diamond watch is able to make him look grand without being gaudy, thus perfect for formal evening events. Meanwhile, if he is the kind of gent who favours contemporary and bold design, a gold-coloured timepiece crowned with diamonds as its hour markers is sure to catch eyes and draw compliments.

Diamond Ring

Rings have always been an important accessory for men of influence from the beginning of history. For instance, signet rings, once used to add one’s personal mark to letter-sealing wax, were a must-have for the wealthy, powerful, and distinct men. Nowadays, though, most ring designs for men feature a single stone or dazzling row of diamonds with a flat-face setting, rather than raised stones like women’s rings.

Just as the perfect jewellery for women should be carefully selected according to her taste and preferences, men’s jewellery gift ideas need to incorporate the needs of their day-to-day life. For example, if he works in an office job, particularly in a public-facing position, he might desire a simple piece of jewellery that he can wear comfortably without seeming too flashy and unapproachable. Extremely ornate designs and settings may not be appropriate or desirable to him. Stick to simple, straightforward designs with a unique twist; this will make him look tidy, neutral, and approachable.

Lastly, consider adding an engraving, as it will make your gift seem personal, intimate, and special. To make this an even more special gift, consider some matching anniversary ring and surprise him when that next milestone year comes around.

Necklace & Pendant

A chain-style necklace is often worn by itself, and typically the wide, bold chain link is more popular. It can also be worn in conjunction with a pendant, where a rope-style chain is favored. These necklaces can either be as visible or as subtle as his personal style, so if you’re in doubt, notice the cues from necklaces the recipient frequently wears.

Yellow gold is one of the most popular metals for jewelry ideas for guys. Silver, platinum, titanium and palladium options are also available, and they have the ability to effortlessly match with most neutral-toned outfits.

As for the pendants, guys tend to wear pendants that are often religious or personal in nature. Some might prefer pendants with cultural values, such as his Chinese Zodiac, so that might be an option for you when choosing the perfect diamond jewellery for your man. Colour preferences matters, too - if green is his colour of luck, a pendant with emerald gemstone will suit him.

Diamonds are not made just for women - men can appreciate them, too. Whether it’s a diamond ring, luxury diamond watch, or a simple diamond necklace Singapore, we’re certain that he will love it. Combining your special gift of men’s jewellery with a few thoughtful accessories and unique touches will make his new jewelry sparkle even more brightly.

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