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You step into the gallery. Hundreds of diamond jewels are brightly illuminated, each displayed proudly in a pristine glass case within Singapore’s best jewellery designers showroom. The room is luxurious and teeming with the glimmer of precious stones. Is there anything more magical than bringing home a diamond? These delicacies represent love, longevity and beauty in a powerful way but buying diamond jewellery can be an overwhelming experience. 


Cut, colour, clarity and carat - there is a lot to think about. But don’t fret, Infiniti Jewels are Singapore’s most exclusive diamond jewellery brand who have been working with diamonds for nearly three decades. We want to guide you through one of the most meaningful purchases of your life. 


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Many assume that a diamond's cut only references its shape. In reality, the cut determines the amount of light that enters the diamond. Only a perfected cut will glimmer and shine.


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Clarity refers to the inclusions (natural marks) inside a diamond.

The most common inclusions are:

Feathers - small cracks

Crystals - small crystalline structures inside the diamond

Clouds - a group of inclusions that give a cloud-like appearance

Professionals use a scale to determine the value of a diamond based on the number of inclusions.


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On the Normal Colour Range for diamonds, diamonds are based upon alphabetical letters. The range begins with D color, which is the most transparent. The range continues to Z color, which is light yellow. The higher the color,

the more rare the diamond is.

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Carat refers to the size and weight of a diamond. Compared to cut, color and clarity, it is the least important variable when analyzing a diamond's beauty. The higher the carat weight, the more rare the diamond is. 

As you can see, a lot goes into selecting the perfect diamond. Whether you are wanting custom made jewellery or a piece from our diamond jewellery collection, Infiniti Jewels are here to help.

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